Why InstantChina

We can assist you in the following ways:

1. A safe and hassle-free China trip:

We will arrange your trip as per your needs in terms of airport pickup or hotel bookings. If needed, we will accompany you on any business trip and provide the necessary translation and negotiation expertise. Our depth of local knowledge and resources will be of immense help should you encounter any setback in your dealings here.

2. Attentive care and services:

To us, you are more than a customer; you are a friend and family member. Friends all over the world can vouch for our honesty and compassion. We believe strongly in the word-of-mouth referrals. A recent visitor can testify how we helped him in a medical emergency. A sudden serious illness immobilized our visitor. At no cost to him, we arranged (and prepaid for him) immediate hospitalization. We visited him daily and ran errands for him. He stayed in the hospital for over a week and spent only about USD1500 in total. Not only we did not charge him for some out-of-pocket expenses, we also did not bill him a single Yuan for the countless hours spent to look after him. If this is not friendship and compassion, what is?

3. Your trustworthy connection:

There are hundreds if not thousands of service providers such as us. We wish to stand out by being the most trustworthy. Rather than taking our words at face value, we suggest that you take a low-risk approach by using our most basic services like airport pickup and interpretation. Once we have established mutual trust and understanding, you could then decide if you would like to use our services to further enhance your interests here. We have also have no difficulty in furnishing you with references in or outside China.

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