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  • Inspection4

    Where Are Your Products REALLY Being Manufactured?

    Impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment inside, foreigners often leave factories confident that their orders will be filled in a first class facility. Little do they know that their products may actually end up being manufactured in another factory across the province. It won’t be produced …

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  • Waterstream

    “Please Don’t Sell to my Competitor”

    In 2012, an American client asked InstantChina to help him negotiate with his supplier over a thorny issue. He had been buying from the same factory for over five years and business had been smooth, but recently a new competitor arrived in his city selling …

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  • Factory Banner1

    “This warehouse… does not exist!”

      In 2011, an American client approached InstantChina, saying he found an amazing deal online. A Japanese distributor in Suzhou, China was selling Sharp and Sony TVs that had recently been manufactured at nearby factories. The wholesale prices were very low. The client couldn’t come …

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  • Fv Marble2

    Where to Source Marble and Granite Products from Shanghai

    In January and July of 2011, InstantChina had the opportunity to take clients to visit Shanghai Thick Poly Stone Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. This company specializes in producing walls, flooring, tabletops, and similar products from marble, granite, quartz, and artificial stone. The factory representatives were …

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