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You can contact us by visiting our Shanghai and Beijing offices, sending messages to our Info box, or making a call right now.

InstantChina Business Division

Shanghai: Suite 206, No. 2428 Gong He Xin Lu, Zhabei District, Shanghai, China
Phone: (+86) 21-5633-5503

Beijing: Suite 318, Bldg. B, No. 10 Xing Huo Lu, Fengtai Science Park, Fengtai District, Beijing, China
Phone: (+86) 10-8368-2169

Business Inquiries
Phone: (+86) 21-5633-5503

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Location Map

This is the location of our Shanghai office. It’s in the center of Shanghai, right close to the Circus World. Zoom in to see details. You can see Communications Bank of China(交通银行) on the map. Our office is on the 2nd floor of it.

  1. If you take public transportation, subway is the best choice. Transfer to Subway line 1 from anyware, take it towards the Fu Jin Lu direction, get off at Circus World station, get out from EXIT 4.
  2. Make a U turn at the exit and walk back for about 10 meters, you can find the GATE3 of the complex (Xin Mei Gong He Cheng). Enter the GATE, at the LEFT side, you can see a 3-floor building connected with the GATE. There’s a small entrance in the middle and normally a security guard sitting at the entrance.
  3. Walk into the building, go to the second floor and find suite 206.

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