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Where to Source Marble and Granite Products from Shanghai

In January and July of 2011, InstantChina had the opportunity to take clients to visit Shanghai Thick Poly Stone Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

This company specializes in producing walls, flooring, tabletops, and similar products from marble, granite, quartz, and artificial stone.

The factory representatives were not only knowledgeable about their product and industry, but also very open and friendly as well. They patiently addressed all of the client’s questions, and treated everyone to dinner afterwards.

The largest suppliers of marble and granite products are actually in Amoy (Xiamen), Fujian Province. However, InstantChina’s clients choose to source from Shanghai’s factories for the convenience in shipping. For example, they might purchase furniture or ovens from other factories nearby, and have everything shipped to them in a single container.

Some of the pictures which I clicked through my personal camera are as below:
If you are interested in products by Shanghai Thick Poly Stone Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., or are interested in visiting the factory, please write to us at info@instantchina.com or call us at (+86)21-5633-5503.

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