Send us your product requirements via phone or email, and an InstantChina consultant will research suitable factories in Shanghai and surrounding areas. He/she will give you a few selections to choose from and, following your direction, go personally your selected factories to assess price, scale, and quality of production. We will send you a full report with photos and can mail you samples as well.


According to your price requirement and time limitations, we can help you choose an appropriate air or sea shipping service. InstantChina consultants guide your goods through the entire shipping process, from the time they leave the factory to the time they leave the port. We can work with you to choose an insurance provider as well, if you decide to insure your goods en route.


Exporting goods requires a great deal of paperwork. If the factory you decide to contract with does not have the in-house expertise necessary to export goods, InstantChina consultants can handle customs paperwork for you and ensure ISO standards are met before goods are ordered.


Every InstantChina driver has at least 8 years of safe driving experience, and understands local roads and driving techniques.


Every InstantChina Consultant not only has a strong grasp of the English language, but also comes from an engineering background. Whereas non-technical translators will make mistakes in translating content they don’t fully understand, our consultants very effectively bridge the language barrier between you and the factory representatives.

Culture Consulting.

In addition to understanding local customs and business culture, our consultants also have years of experience working with international clients. They can quickly teach you how to effectively negotiate with Chinese sellers, how to graciously accept an offer for dinner, and how to “save face” for both yourself and your potential business partners.

Quality Control.

InstantChina consultants will inspect your order to ensure that all products meet your standards for quality.


InstantChina consultants will work closely with you to maintain good communication with the supplier. If any unforeseeable concerns arise, or if any changes need to be made to the order, the consultant will be on-call to make sure appropriate actions are taken. In addition, consultants can periodically inspect the factory during the manufacturing process and send you reports.


Our consultants will ensure that your order is well-packed in the container before it is sent, so that your goods do not move around in transit and become damaged.


Some of InstantChina’s clients wish to have a presence in China, but don’t wish to deal with the complications and expenses of opening up a local office. In such cases, InstantChina can become your representative in China—a trusted and reliable company to handle various tasks in your stead. Clients who choose this route typically have already come to China and worked with our consultants for a number of days. We have developed an intimate understanding of their needs, and they fully understand our capabilities. A long-term contract is drawn up and agreed upon, and our partnership thus begins.

Who can use our services
Small or Medium businesses, or Individual businessman from outside China
How can our clients use our service(s)
Our clients can choose the following service combinations or any of them:

–If you are Sourcing China-made products remotely (you are outside China), you can choose from
Sourcing + Shipping + (Trading if needed).

–If you are Searching and Screening manufacturers (you visit suppliers in China), you can choose from
Driver + Interpreter + Culture consulting.

–If you are Securing quality products and on-time delivery (you already found manufacturers), you can choose from
Quality control + Coordinator + Shipping supervisor.

–If you are Seeking for long-term support from China (you don’t have your office in China), we can be
Your dedicated Representative and more

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